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Defence organisations need to take robust action to secure their internal and supply chain communications to avoid becoming victims of malicious attacks that can result in damage to reputation and loss of contracts.

Armour has developed a secure mobile communications platform that enables businesses operating in the Defence sector to communicate securely from any location on standard iOS, Android & Windows 10 devices. A NATO approved WhatsApp alternative, Armour Mobile enables secure collaboration protecting the huge investments made in bid processes and project deliveries.

Armour Mobile provides a remote working solution that is approved for use up to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE and NATO Restricted. In addition, use of Armour Mobile as a WhatsApp replacement ensures that any communications that are subject to possible Freedom of Information (FOI) requests will be preserved ensuring accountability for the public record.


Client Solution Impact
Pan-Organisation Defence Projects Armour Collaborative Environment (ICE) for Defence Contractors provides an independent managed communications service at OFFICIAL SENSITIVE for organisations working collaboratively on bids, projects and research that require seriously robust security. ACE by Armour enables defence sector consortiums to guard against cyber-espionage that can jeopardise multi-million £/$ contracts, minimise travel and overheads associated with face-to-face meetings, and reduce carbon footprint.
Major Defence Organisation Rapid deployment of thousands of licences of Armour Mobile for use on personal devices, replacing a well known social media app. Strategic communications secured. Meta-data of personal conversations that might give valuable information to adversaries, secured. Feedback from users very positive. Solution easy to use and popular.
Devices connected to the Internet of Things. Any device that is collecting and transmitting data that is connected to a server, can be/should be encrypted. Hidden data transmission that takes place via Internet of Things is unreadable and therefore protected.
GDPR requirements to protect personally identifiable data. Armour Mobile encrypts data in-transit and at rest, rendering it unreadable, and therefore ‘protected’. Personal information sent via message or text, is protected in line with GDPR requirements.
Government departments and other organisations from the covert community, those involved in cracking terrorism and military campaigns. Armour Black provides a higher assurance, tailored solution to meet individual requirements. Users have complete control over the solution, and the data. They can provision the devices, revoke them and have control of the encryption keys.
Central Government Department that needs to communicate with offices and embassies overseas, and other departments. Key personnel and their teams use Armour Mobile Cloud for secure conference calls, integrating with Skype for Business and Windows Desktop phones when required. A flexible approach to unified communications provides a secure conferencing solution for large numbers of participants.


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