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Armour Comms offers easy to use auditable solutions for regulated industries like the finance sector. With all the convenience of a consumer-grade app, but with greater security and a better user experience, Armour Mobile secures communications and document sharing between finance personnel, clients, and third parties.  Protecting sensitive client information, even on personal mobile devices is essential in maintaining the reputation of a financial business which is why our solution provides users with the following:

  • Secure File Attachments – Secure transit of sensitive documents, therefore less reliance on insecure email and postal systems
  • A choice of On-Premises solution so all data can remain in house
  • Quick and easy provisioning with the use of one-time use QR codes or deeplinks
  • GDPR friendly auditing capability


Client Solution Impact
Financial Services firms managing off-shore accounts and clients Armour Mobile and SigNet by Armour provide complete protection of sensitive messages, communications and associated file attachments and images. All data, including meta-data is fully encrypted, and stored securely within the Armour app which can hosted in-house providing data sovereignty. Firms operating in off-shore jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Bahamas, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Hong Kong, can be sure that all communications remain completely private. Sensitive data is protected in line with local data privacy regulations.
Regulated firms requiring user-friendly comms apps suitable for BYOD usage Armour Mobile provides enterprise-grade secure communications on BYOD tablets and phones, without the need for an MDM. Corporate communications on BYOD devices are managed, can be preserved and audited (even if the original conversation has been deleted). Conversations held within the secure Armour app cannot be leaked or accessed from other apps on the phone, even if the phone itself is compromised.
Wealth Management firms handling private clients Armour Mobile on iOS, Android and Windows Desktop with Recall by Armour auditing and archiving solution, is used for communicating with clients and accepting investment instructions. All communications and investment instructions are safely preserved providing an audit trail for future reference. Data is protected, ensuring that firms meet stringent GDPR and other data privacy regulations. Avoids regulatory fines associated with using unauthorised communications methods.
IT department in the midst of a cybersecurity attack Secure communications for the IT and management team, that have not been hacked, to discuss strategy and damage limitation Armour Mobile ensures that communications between the leadership team and IT can take place via a separate, safe and secure channel that has not been compromised.
Mergers and Acquisitions A secure platform for exchanging commercially sensitive information between professional services bodies such as lawyers and auditors. Armour Mobile provides a secure platform so that communications can take place, without news leaking and affecting share prices.
Devices connected to the Internet of Things. Any device that is collecting and transmitting data that is connected to a server, can be/should be encrypted. Hidden data transmission that takes place via Internet of Things is unreadable and therefore protected.
GDPR requirements to protect personally identifiable data. Armour Mobile encrypts data in-transit and at rest, rendering it unreadable, and therefore ‘protected’. Personal information sent via message or text, is protected in line with GDPR requirements.
Intra-company and ‘company to company’ communications in Finance and Legal sectors Requirement to discuss sensitive shipments (currency/bullion), and currency transactions with partners and suppliers. Armour Mobile Cloud ensures private conversations free from the risk of eavesdroppers.
Board members of enterprise organisations out of hours. Board members and senior staff use Armour Mobile for out of hours and away from the office communications. Secure communications that remain private from any location in the event of an emergency or critical incident.
A commercial team from an Enterprise working on sensitive contracts that regularly attends meetings overseas. Needs to protect details of whereabouts, who they are communicating with as well as the details of the conversations /communications. Armour Mobile Cloud provides ability for secure calls, conferencing, and group text conversations, and to send documents securely via a mobile or a tablet. Avoids use of paper files for meetings.


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