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Law firms handling sensitive client information, or working on complex, multi-jurisdictional projects must secure their internal, partner and client communications. Malicious attacks resulting in the Pandora Papers, Panama Papers and Off­shore Leaks investigations (amongst others), highlight the importance of adhering to appropriate security measures at all times.

Armour has developed a secure mobile communications platform that enables law firms and those operating in regulated industries to communicate securely from any location on standard iOS, Android & Windows 10 devices.

By incorporating Armour technology, o­ffshore firms can continue to deliver client services while maintaining discretion and confidentiality. Armour’s ability to off­er secure communications solutions hosted on-premises, provides o­ffshore firms with assurance that their data remains secure within their own infrastructure and compliant with all relevant requirements for their jurisdiction (such as: Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dubai, Gibraltar, Channel Islands, Turks & Caicos Islands and many more.)


Client Solution Impact
Off-shore Legal & Financial Services Armour Mobile and SigNet by Armour provide complete protection of sensitive messages, communications and associated file attachments and images. All data, including meta-data is fully encrypted, and stored securely within the Armour app. Firms operating in off-shore jurisdictions such as Bermuda, Bahamas, Switzerland, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Channel Islands and Hong Kong, can be sure that all communications remain completely private. Sensitive data is protected in line with local data privacy regulations.
Teams working on complex, multi-jurisdictional projects Specialist firms working with advisors and third parties across diverse geographies and jurisdictions on complex projects use Armour Mobile for highly secure voice and video communications. Sensitive data is protected in accordance with each jurisdiction. Armour Mobile manages allow-lists and groups, and sharing of contact details, in a controlled way across communities. Groups can be set up for each project, ensuring that are no slip-ups when sharing confidential information.
Law Firms handling sensitive client information Armour Mobile on iOS, Android and Windows Desktop is used for employees, professional advisors and clients. The Armour app isolates the microphone, ensuring that no other app on the phone can listen in or eavesdrop. All data is held within the Armour system, which can be hosted as an on-premises solution, or on Armour’s secure cloud, is fully encrypted including associated attachments. Data and evidence is protected, ensuring that firms meet stringent GDPR and other data privacy regulations. Recall by Armour, an additional service, provides full audit capabilities.
Mergers and Acquisitions A secure platform for exchanging commercially sensitive information between professional services bodies such as lawyers and auditors. Armour Mobile provides a secure platform so that communications can take place, without news leaking and affecting share prices.


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